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Congress Information

We are in a big dilemma. We challenge life, and we have to deal with the challenges we create. We designed artificial intelligence to make our lives easier, now we are questioning how this intelligence should be managed and how we will control it, and we are thinking about what to do in case we have created a monster for ourselves.

This year, in IMMC2024 our theme will be “Humanity vs. Artificial Intelligence (AI)”. In the congress, we will be exploring the AI for humanity and the role of metallurgical and materials engineering. We will challenge our minds to find paradigm in AI versus Humanity.
In this congress, researchers, professionals (from industry, policy makers, entrepreneurs, civil society members and governance), students, and world-renowned scientists, all come together in one platform and undertake a journey to participate in a massive exchange of scientific knowledge, to engage in networking with peers, colleagues, and people from different age groups, and make a major contribution and innovations to materials and metallurgical engineering society.

22nd International Metallurgy and Materials Congress will be held in Istanbul-Türkiye, September 19-21, 2024. The congress venue will be at the Istanbul Expo Center.

IMMC is the flagship congress which is organized by UCTEA Chamber of Metallurgical and Materials Engineers’ Training Center (METEM) in collaboration with the national academia. There are 16 symposiums will be held along with the young reseracher award ceremony. From ideas to knowledge will be shared with oral and poster presentations and in order to protect the intellectual property proceedings of IMMC2024 Congress will be published.

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