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Assoc. Prof. Dicle YURDAKUL

Assoc. Prof. Dicle YURDAKUL


Assoc. Prof. Dicle YURDAKUL is the director of AU INOVA Research Center and INOVA NeuroLab, founder and managing partner of WE.Q. Consulting, consultant for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and faculty member of Altınbaş University Faculty of Business Administration. She conducted her doctoral studies in Marketing at Izmir University of Economics and the University of Texas in 2013. She then continued her Post-Doc studies at Koç University for two years. She began her academic career in 2015 as a faculty member. Throughout her academic career, she has taught courses and participated in research teams at various universities including Izmir University of Economics, Ecole de Management de Normandie, University of Texas, University of Rhode Island, Koç University, and Bilgi University. She has numerous articles and publications in the fields of Marketing, Sustainability, and Behavioral Sciences. Since 2014, she has been involved in consultancy and project management roles in sustainability and inclusive business model projects conducted under UNDP IICPSD (Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development). She has served as a Systems Lab consultant in the "SDG Impact Accelerator," Turkey's first and only impact accelerator. Within WE.Q. Consulting, of which she is a founding and managing partner, she conducts research and projects in the "TECH4GOOD" and "Future of Work" fields with technology companies including Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, as well as relevant NGOs, and provides training. She serves as a Board Member at the Turkey Informatics Foundation.

Forging the Future: AI, Humanity, and the Fabric of Tomorrow's Society

As we stand on the brink of a technological revolution, the advent of artificial intelligence is poised to redefine every facet of our existence. This speech will explore the profound effects of AI on our brains, bodies, and daily lives, transforming the way we work and the roles we assume within the new economic system and society. We will delve into how these technologies influence our cognitive processes, physical well-being, and social interactions, posing critical questions about the evolving nature of human, identity and purpose. Moving from a micro to a macro perspective, we will discuss the broader implications of AI on societal structures and economic landscapes, ultimately questioning what role human beings will play in the future.

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