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Ali Sayir
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Ali Sayir

Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Dr. Ali Sayir is currently the Program Manager for Materials with Extreme Properties portfolio within the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) in Arlington, VA. As a senior program officer Dr. Sayir has concerted effort on mathematic quantification of microstructures for DOD and leads major national programs in computational material science. He has responsibility for planning, directing, and securing long-term program support in extreme environment electronics and materials for quantum information sciences. As a Program Officer, Dr. Sayir proactively evaluates materials for extreme environments, and judiciously sponsors innovative scientific opportunities in materials that can be integrated in the ab-initio design process for far-from equilibrium effects, and extreme non- linearity’s, and ultra-fast control. He is in forefront in the development and execution of basic research on materials far from equilibrium for high-power systems and interested in new capabilities in materials that can adapt to external stimuli of electric-, magnetic-, acoustic-, thermal fields and combined loads. He is proactive member of DOD and scientific community, and coordinates research programs within the Air Force, DOD, and Army, Navy, DARPA, NASA and other national and international organizations.
Prior to joining AFOSR, Dr. Sayir managed materials and structures for NASA Hypersonic program at NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH. He coordinated materials and structures projects between NASA centers, Department of Defense, Industry and Academia. Since 2008 he has held a Professor Faculty appointment at Case Western Reserve University in the Department of Materials Science of Engineering and has been founding member of a small company.
Dr. Sayir conducted research in areas such as eutectic solidification, electron emitters, high temperature piezoelectric materials, and materials for thermoelectric and thermophotovoltaic energy conversion, and proton conducting ceramics. He published 137 peer reviewed publications, 2 book chapters, received 3 patents, have over 40 invited presentations, and was selected a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society since 2009 for his scientific contributions and fellow of AFRL since 2020.


1989 PH.D. 1984 M.S. 1981 B.S. Material Science and Engineering
Inorganic Material Science and Engineering (Diplom Ing.) Inorganic Material Science and Engineering (Cand. Ing.)
Case Western Reserve University Technical University of Clausthal, Germany Technical University of Clausthal, Germany
5/2013–Present 5/2010–5/2013 5/2008-6/2010 7/1992-5/2008 6/2005-6/2010 5/1998-6/2004 12/1990-1/1992
Program Officer
Program Manager, Detailed from NASA Program Manager, Hypersonic
Senior Research Scientist (On-site Contractor) Associate Professor and Adj. Faculty Founding Member and Chief Technical officer National Research Council Fellow
Arlington, VA Arlington, VA Cleveland, OH Cleveland, OH Cleveland, OH Cleveland, OH Cleveland, OH


2020 Fellow of the Air Force Research Laboratory
2017 Special Recognition by AFRL commander Lt. Gen Robert D. McMurry 2004 National Academy of Sciences Science Advisory Board (SAB) of USAF 2009 Fellow of the American Ceramic Society
2003 Medal for Public Service Award - NASA
2003 One of the 100 Best Expatriate Scientists of Turkey
1996 NASA MSFC Special Recognition by Center Director: Reusable Launch 1993 NASA GRC and Thiokol Corporation: Oxidizer Rich Turbine Drive
1993 General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, and NASA GRC: Single Crystal Fiber 1993 R & D 100 Award: Melt Modulation Fiber Growth System


137 peer reviewed publications, 2 book chapters, 3 patents, over 40 invited presentations. Selected Publications since 2010:
1. A. Sayir, M. H. Berger, T. Back, and J. Mackey, "Microstructure of meyenite 12CaO.7Al2O3 and electron emission characteristics, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., (2021) 1-14.
2. E. R Аndrievskaya, А. V. Sameliuk and A. Sayir, “Phase relation studies in the CeO2-Eu2O3 system at 1500 to 600 °C in air”, Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 40 (2019). DO 10.1045.
3. M.-H. Berger, T. C. Back, P. Soukiassian, D. Matinotti, L. Douillard, S. Fairchild, J. J. Boeckl, V. Filipov, and A. Sayir, “Local investigation of the emissive properties of LaB6-ZrB2 eutectics ,” Journal of Materials Science 52, (2017),5537-5543.
4. T. Back, A. K. Scmidt, S. B. Fairchild, J. J. Boeckl, M. Cahay, F. Derkink, G. Chen, and A. Sayir, “Work Function Characterization of Directionally Solidified LaB6-VB2 Eutectic,” Ultramicroscopy, 183 (2017)67-71.
5. T. Back, S. B Fairchild, P. Soukiassian, M.H. Berger, D. Martinotti, L. Douillard, M. Kordesch, G. Gruen, P. T. Murray, A. Schmidt, G. Chen, and A. Sayir, “ Low Energy Electron Microscopy Study of Directionally Solidified LaB6-(Zr, V)B2 Eutectics,” Journal of Materials Science, Vol 52, (2017) 5537-5543.
6. B. Kowalski, A. Sayir, and A. Sehirlioglu, “Aliovalent Mn-Ti and Ga-Ti Substitution in High Temperature Piezoelectric (x)Bi(Zn0.5Zr0.5)O3-(y)BiScO3-(100-x-y)PbTiO3,” Journal of Materials Science, 51 (2016) 6761-6769.
7. . B. Filipov, A. Ievdokymova, V. N. Paderno and A. Sayir, “Effect of Zr Substitution by Ti on Growth Direction and Interface Structure of LaB6-TixZr1-xB2 Directionally Solidified Eutectics,” Journal of the Eur. Ceramic Society, 34 (2014) 2101-2109.
8. B. A. Kowalski, A. Sehirlioglu, F. D. Dynys, and A. Sayir, “Characterization of the High-Temperature Ferroelectric (100-x-
y)BiScO3- x - Bi(Zr0.5Zn0.5)O3-y -PbTiO3 Perovskite Ternary Solid Solution,” J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 97 (2014) 490-497.
9. A. A. Woodworth, P. G. Neudeck, A. Sayir, F. Sola, M. Dudley, and B. Raghothamachar, “Investigation of Single Crystal 4H-
SiC Growth by Solvent-Laser Heated Floating Zone Techniques, “ J. Crystal Growth, 392 (2014) 34-40.
10. F. W. Dynys, A. Sayir, J. Mackey, and A. Sehirlioglu, “Thermoelectric Properties of WSi2-SixGe1-x Composites,” Journal of
Alloys and Compounds, 604 (2014) 196-203.
11. A. A. Woodworth, P. G. Neudeck, A. Sayir, D. J. Spry, A. J. Trunek and J. A. Powell, “SiC Growth by Solvent-Laser Heated
Floating Zone” Materials Science Forum, 717-720 (2012) 49-52.
12. A. A. Woodworth, P. G. Neudeck, A. Sayir, D. J. Spry, A. J. Trunek, AJ, and J. A., Powell, “SiC Growth by Solvent-Laser
Heated Floating Zone,” 14th Int. Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ICSCRM 2011), Vol 717-720.
13. A. A. Woodworth, P. G. Neudeck, A. Sayir, D. J. Spry, A. J. Trunek and J. A. Powell, “SiC Growth by Solvent-Laser Heated
Floating Zone” Trans Tech Publications (2011) 714-717.
14. J.-F. Hochepied, M.H. Berger, F. Dynys, A. Dessombz, and A. Sayir, “Aqueous Co-Precipitated Ti0.5Sn0.5O2 Nanopowders as
Precursors for Dense Spinodally Decomposed Ceramics, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., (2011) 1-5.
15. A. Sehirlioglu, A. Sayir, F. Dynys, K. Nittala and J. Jones, “Structure and Piezoelectric Properties Near the Bismuth Scandium
Oxide–Lead Zirconate–Lead Titanate Ternary Morphotropic Phase Boundary,” J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 94[3] (2011) 788–795.
16. J. Ramirez Rico, J. Martinez-Fernandez, J. Llorca, V. M. Orera and A. Sayir," Directionally Solidified Eutectic and Advanced
Ceramics," Special Issue of Journal of the European Ceramics Society, Vol.31 (2011) 1189-1352.
17. E. R Andrievskaya, O. A Kornienko, A. Sayir, O. O. Vasylkiv, and Y. Sakka, “Phase Relation Studies in the ZrO2-CeO2-La2O3
System at 1500 °C,” Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol 94 (2011) 1911-1919.
D. Zakarian, V. Kartuzov, E. Kartuzov, A. Khachatrian, and A. Sayir, "Calculation of Composition in the LaB6-TiB2 and LaB6- ZrB2 eutectics by means of Pseudopotential," Journal of the European Ceramics Society, Vol.31 (2011) 1305-1309.
18. M. J. Lopez-Robledo, C. Vaquero-Aquilar, J. Martinez-Fernandez, J. I. Pena, A. Sayir and M. Jimenez Melendo, "Processing and Mechanical Behavior at Elevated Temperatures of Directionally Solidified Proton Conducting Perovskites," Journal of the European Ceramics Society, Vol.31 (2011) 1339-1345.
19. I. Jouanny, M. Sennour, M.H. Berger, V. B. Filipov, A. Ievdokymova, V.N. Paderno, A. Sayir, "Structural characterization of LaB6-(TixZr1-x)B2 Eutectics", Proc. of the the S.Française des Microscopies, (2011) 341-344.
20. A. Sehirlioglu, A. Sayir, and F. Dynys, “Doping of BiScO3-PbTiO3 Ceramics for Enhanced Ferroelectric and Electromechanical Properties,” J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 93 [6] (2010) 1718–1724.


American Ceramic Society European Ceramic Society Materials Research Society American Physical Society Int. Microelectronics Soceity Int. Conf. on Fiber Fracture
Member 1998 Member 1999 Member 1989 Member 1995 Member 2016 2002
Fellow Since 2009
Guest Editor - 2011, 2008, 2005, 2001, 1999
Symposium organizer, ICAM 2009 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Co-Organizer of Session Ceramics, 2004, Mont Real, Canada Co-organizer - Electronic Ceramics for Extreme Env., Santa Fe, NM Co-organizer and Scientific Advisory Committee, 2000 in Mallorca, SPAIN.

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